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welcome to nhk world "newsline" on this national holiday. japan's air self defense force scrambled fighter jets in reaction to a chinese aircraft flying near the islands in the east china sea. the defense ministry says they spotted a propeller aircraft on its radar. the plane was approaching the islands from the north. the asdf's f-15 fighter jets
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immediately went into scramble mode from a base in okinawa. the chinese plane flew within 120 kilometers of the islands but it left the area without violating japanese airspace. a plane of the same type intruded on december 13th. the asdf dispatched fighters in response. the aircraft spotted on monday had the same serial number as the one that made similar flight last saturday. in both cases, the plane tried to approach the area from the north and then flew away without violating japan's airspace. chinese academy of social sciences released an assessment of the international situation in a report on monday. referring to the recent
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nationalization by japan of the islands. the report says china-japan relations are in the most serious state since normalization. it says policy flexibility has substantially decreased. it adds that tension could be eased through diplomatic channels. china has repeatedly sent ships into japanese waters around the islands apparently to pressure japan into recognizing that a territorial dispute exists. the think-tank reports that japan's stubborn position could cause the crisis to escalate further. the report also says if japan builds facilities or stations personnel on the islands, china-japan relations as well as northeast asia's stability will face difficult challenges. analysts say the report is thought to be aimed at thwarting further japanese moves under the new government of abe to be inaugurated this week.
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japan's new das bore to china is set to leave for beijing and take on a host of challenges. he says he'll seek a peaceful resolution to the disputes over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. >> translator: my most urgent task is to improve relations between japan and china. >> chinese leaders are wary of japan's incoming government. the prime minister is set to being prime minister a second time. he chose china for his first overseas trips six years ago and worked to improve relations. many japanese firms operate stores or factories in china. managers at some of those firms family photos were leased to foster a friend lier image of the man. they released articles about his career and achievements. the articles also offered personal anecdotes. one tells of how he fell in love at first sight with his wife pen
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wan, a popular singer in china. he says he called her from his office every night. one of the photos shows a young xi riding a bike with his daughter on the backseat. the daughter is now studying at a u.s. university. in another photo, he is seen pushing the wheelchair of his father, the former vice premier. it's unusual for the chinese media to report on the private aspects of the country's leaders. >> populous, prosperous, pushing ahead, china's rise, wealth, power, and problems, an income gap divides people. pollution threatens their health and disputes at sea strain relations with its neighbors. find out about the challenges china faces on "newsline."
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a north korean state media outlet responded to news of japan's upcoming change of government. it says the people of asia are wary of japanese political developments. the monday edition of the korean workers' party newspaper rodong sinmun, was the first media outlet to report on the election on december 16th. a commentary expressed concern for public support for what it describes as groups driving japan down the path of militarism. it suggests that north korean leaders are waiting to see what policies the government will adopt towards them. they hope to normalize relations with japan and are seeking massive amounts of economic aid to rebuild their economy. the japanese and north koreans resumed into governmental talks after a four-year hiatus. japan broke off the talks after the north koreans announced plans to launch a rocket. the north koreans say the rocket they launched on december 12th carried a satellite. many governments believe it was a long-range missile.
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syrian government forces have attacked people lining up to get their daily bread. a government warplane dropped a bomb that destroyed a bakery. opposition activists say the strike killed more than 90 people. eyewitnesses say about 400 residents had lined up for bread in a suburb of the central city of hama. opposition forces posted a video online. the pictures show survivors calling out for help. one activist says government planes destroyed a nearby hospital during the same air raid. he says at least 200 people in all may have been killed. opposition forces have been on the offensive across the country. some are closing in on an airport in the capital damascus. government forces have retaliated by bombing residential areas. japanese electronics makers are making use of digital imaging technologies to tap into the growing skin care market. fujitsu has developed a system that uses a smartphone to
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analyze the condition of a person's skin. users place a sheet called a color reference chart alongside their face and take photos with smartphones that have special software installed. the software compares the user's skin with standard colors on the chart. the photos highlights blemishes and pores and rate the user's skin condition. the data are uploaded and stored to help users and cosmetic companies choose suitable skin products and treatments. sony has utilized its digital image processing technology to develop a system that displays how much melanin a user's skin contains. melanin is a major cause of blemishes. users can check the condition of their skin by pressing a special device against their faces. sony says the system enables users to know the extent of the blemishes they are likely to have in the future. electronics makers are developing new technologies for
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the beauty and health markets to make up for falling sales of televisions and other home appliances. now here's the weather forecast.
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santa claus has arrived in the portuguese city of regua and the locals are sure to see him. he's 30 meters tall, his makers needed 17 trucks and two cranes to put him on display. they covered him with 250,000 lights. they used l.e.d.s rather than ordinary bulbs. they want to save electricity because of portugal's tough financial condition. they their santa claus is the biggest in the world and hope to attract lots of tourists. we'll be back with more news next hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us on "newsline" and happy
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holidays. -- captions by vitac --
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